Russian Tuition

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I translate commercial texts from English into Russian and from English into Belarusian. I translate legal contracts, commercial proposals, terms of business, brochures, web-sites, press releases, user manuals, PowerPoint presentations and other correspondence on a daily basis.

I have been translating professionally since 1993 and I can handle many technical subjects.


  • Legal - Criminal Law, Civil Law, Arbiration, Immigration, Contracts
  • Banking and Finance - Export Finance, International Trade, Loan and Trade Agreements
  • Corporate Affairs - Company Annual Reports, Business Plans, Financial Accounts, Credit Rating Reports, Tender Documentation and Company Websites
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical, Health
  • Automotive

I proofread all my translations thoroughly before returning them to you. I use an extensive number of technical reference books and on-line searches to make sure that your specialist translations are of the highest quality. I shall contact you for clarifications if I need them.

I use electronic translation memory systems which allow me to build up my client translation databases and specialist terms. Every sentence I translate is kept in my TM database. This enables a better quality, more accurate and consistent translation every time a client needs a new translation or an update of a previously translated manual, brochure or technical proposal. Using electronic translation memory can save money and time.

If you need a translation, you may wish to read the guide published by the Institute of Translators and Interpreting: Translation – Getting It Right


It is always a good idea to have your texts revised or proofread.

The correct style, awareness of cultural sensitivities and modern expressions are all things that are worth double-checking before sending a mailshot or publishing a brochure. It will save you money in the long run.

I also provide:

  • Transcription and translation of arbitration audiotapes, and translation of documents over the telephone.
  • Certified and/or notarised translation of documents*.

*Documents which usually require certification and/or notarisation: diplomas; school certificates; transcripts; student records; birth, marriage, divorce certificates, and many others. Please check with the organisation that requested the translated document whether the document requires certification and/or notarisation.


From English into Russian/Belarusian (into my mother tongue) From Russian/Belarusian/Ukrainian into English (language of habitual use). Simultaneous/whisper, consecutive and ad hoc interpreting for businesses, agencies and private clients.

I specialise in legal and commercial subjects. I have gained considerable experience in the automotive industry, travelling in Russia with a major British engineering company, developing their business in Russia.

I provide language support for British businessmen on trips to Russia and Russian delegations in the UK

I am a trained Public Service Interpreter and provide services in the legal sector for:

  • Arbitration Courts
  • Legal firms
  • The police
  • Immigration services
  • Health Authorities

I have substantial experience in Telephone Interpreting.

Russian Tuition

Russian Tuition is my passion. Please see my Russian Tuition page for more details.

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